The Founder – Digby Chacksfield has an MA in Arts Education from Norwich University of the Arts. He has taught art, design and photography at GCSE. A Level, BTEC and degree level.

Digby has developed arts in business practice, arts therapy and group team drawing for business organisations and sports teams.

Drawing is a practice based activity and regardless of your experience drawing from life is a great way of strengthening overall observation skills, connect with the world around you and find a sense of empowerment through developing a skill that when expressed is unique to each individual.

The Founder - Digby Chacksfield

Many people attend life drawing for different reasons: just for fun, to boost learning to achieve a qualification – GCSE, A Level, Degree or postgraduate portfolio or coursework, enhance existing artistic practice, as a way processing difficult experiences, as an escape, to develop a new skill or career, to develop skills for working with illustration, game design or animation.

There is no right way to do drawing but through observational drawing you can learn how to express yourself through practising the formal elements of drawing, understanding proportion and using different materials and techniques to find your own style.

Digby The Artist

Digby is a also a fully fledged artist and you can view his artwork within the shop on this site.

If you would like to know more about Digby the artist then please email Digby on info@lifedrawingeast.co.uk 


Digby particularly enjoys doing commissions for those that are seeking portraits whether the commissions are for birthdays, wedding gifts, Christmas or simply as  a thank you present.

If you would like a commissioned portrait then please email Digby on info@lifedrawingeast.co.uk 

Life Drawing Classes

Digby also tutors and runs the life drawing classes throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Wood Green in East London.